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Wednesday, September 27th 2006

08:48:52 AM

I'd be content if...

...every day began like this!

Woke up a little before 5:00am this morning and, even though it was dark (I'd rather the sun was kissing my cheek), my room was crisp and cool with the fresh morning air.  I just laid there enjoying the quiet for awhile when Samuel soon came in and quickly ran for cover...it was pretty chilly in his room, too and, well...you know how kids lose their covers in the night. 

Anyway, it was too early to wake the house, so I decided to finish watching a cute little movie I fell asleep to last night.  Toward the end there were some kissing scenes (sweet, not intense) and Samuel kept covering his eyes saying, "uuuuuh...not that!"  And then another, "eeeeeeeew....not a big one!!"  After a few more of those, we got laughing so hard that it started a round of goofy sounds, hugs, kisses, and tickles!  Funny, he doesn't seem to think my kisses are "eeeew"!  lol

Then, the number one most voiced statement in our house..... "I'm hungry!"  So, put on some comfy slippers and head down to the kitchen.  I had set out all the ingredients for pumpkin bread the night before and it was still early enough that Sam could eat it before he left for school.  So, we made pumpkin bread...the most requested dish by my children.  It not only filled the house with that familiar, spicy aroma, but the kitchen was toasty after an hour in the oven!

Sam dressed and ready to go (with a sampling of bread for his teacher), we jumped in the van, played his favorite song (which happens to be one of mine) and we were off!  The other great thing about this morning, and every morning come to think of it, is that it's just the two of us.  Sarah and Caleb are still snoozing away while Sam and I get exclusive rights to each other for an hour or two.  And we both love that!

Yup...I'd have mornings like this all the time if I could!

10:00am - This day just keeps getting better!

I just found out that anyone participating in the STAR program in NYS is getting a rebate check soon!  As far as I can see, the only requirement to receiving it is having participated in STAR already.  Ok, now am I the only one who didn't know this?  Do I need to watch the news more?

More info.... http://www.tax.state.ny.us/nyshome/rebateamount.htm


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Posted by Ruth:

Hi Maria--sounds great! You gave me some pumpkin bread once after a slumber party of Sarah's. Now I'd just like the recipe!

Tuesday, October 3rd 2006 @ 09:13:49 PM