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Tuesday, September 26th 2006

11:30:36 AM

What a great day!

  • Feelin' like....

Nothing in particular going on, just feeling pretty great!  Cold is pretty much over, very little coughing, lost a few pounds, kids are up and running quite efficiently, and the sun is shining!! 

Sam's field trip got postponed.  I was suppose to chaperone a visit to the apple orchard but got a call last night from his teacher.  Some sort of "bus problem".  Anyway, I'm praying that the next day they pick will be just as gorgeous as this one!!  Maybe we'll head over there anyway!

Otherwise, a pretty dull day.  A trip to the library again is what the kids are asking for (we just went yesterday), followed by some grocery shopping.  Maybe we'll stop off and get some pumpkins!  That'll get us in the mood for fall on this fine, crisp, sunny autumn day!  Have I mentioned recently that I love fall?

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Posted by tjweeden1@verizon.net:

hey;, if you guys want some company on an apple picking day, give us a call, we would love to do that with you. tj
Tuesday, September 26th 2006 @ 08:00:05 PM