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Thursday, September 21st 2006

12:35:12 PM

Mixed blessings

Well, I'm fighting off something!  An awful sore throat put me in bed early last night and, while I'm feeling better, it still feels very raw back there.  Lots of soup and rest today...I have plans to go out tonight and I'm not missing that!  I've been a little too cooped up in the house lately, save the constant shuffling around of children all over town.

So that's the tough part of my day.  The upside is that I received a wonderful surprise in the mail!  When Sarah had her braces put on, I paid our portion up front so as not to have any monthly payments.  So glad I did!!!  So, since that time, the office has been billing our insurance company every month to receive the other half.  Well, time just flies...I didn't realize that it had already been two years and apparently Sarah's braces are paid in full now!  AND...I received a refund in the mail for $360!!!  How often does that happen??  Good is such a great provider!

Ok, time to take some more ibuprofin and lay down for a bit.

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